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Ímund Mikael Mousten Andreassen

2010-07-24 18.17.44Unsuccessful angler / Poor hunter / happy go lucky forager / Chef wannabe / Misspelling writer / day drinker / Strange-food-eater/ A Caffeine-dependent life-form

I use sous vide because I am a lazy cook and I eat strange stuff aka faroese food. I like whale killing when it is sustainable and I am currently working on at sous vide cooker, large enough to cook at whole whale.

I  use way to much money on useless cooking tools from eBay and eating in restaurants that serve live ants and cod liver lollipops.

I don’t like or eat fruit. Not because I am picky, but because fruit is a redundant form of nourishment.

My biggest dream is to publish a cookbook, but somhow no one think that “The perfect way to please yourself with offal” is worth betting on.


Thomas Alcayaga

FivespiceAngler / Forager / Cooker / Writer / Phototaker

When I moved to Copenhagen in 2011 I started a blog about myself. Managed to post two uninspired blogposts. Quit blogging two weeks later. Started Madetmere june 2012 and kind of got obsessed with writing about food – despite the fact that I didn’t really cook. Things got better and quit the office job in 2014 to persue the dream of making a living through food and photography.

I now work as a freelance recipe developer, food photographer and food stylist. I aim to do a mix of useful everyday dishes, a lot of pickling and preserving, fine dining with a slight inspiration of the nordic cuisine, created with classic french techniques. I don’t do sous vide, I can cook.

Published  the cookbook “Mad med omtanke” – (food with thought) in 2015.

See my other work at:

Food blog: Madetmere.dk

Portfolio: Alcayaga.dk

Contact: Thomas@alcayaga.dk


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